How to use VNC for new/existing Windows VPS

In order to access your virtual machine for the first time, you'll need to login using VNC link to connect to the console. Once logged in you will be prompted for several initial setup requirements, such as an Administrator password, before finally being logged into your new virtual machine environment.

You can use VNC for your exsting Windows VPS. Even if RDP not connect


1. Check your VPS welcome email. You can see VNC details, such as VNC Server address (e.g. and VNC Password.

2. Run the VNC Viewer.

3. Copy that VNC Server address and paste or type into VNC logon box.

4. Click to "Connect" button.

5. After a moment VNC will ask your password.

6. Copye and paste or type the password, which is given by WebHostPortal in your welcome mail. No need any username.

7. Click "ok" and see the window.

8. You need to send Ctrl+Alt+Del command. Just right click on the VNC title bar. You can see the command. Click "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del". You will get login dialog box.

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