Installation Instructions

Automatic Server Selection System

By this module customer will select Server Location as per customer choice on order page. Account will setup to selected server automatically. No need to create individual plan for every locations.

Installation Instructions

** At first you have to a License Key. If you didn't collect yet then visit Here for collect a License Key.
* Copy the auto_server_selection folder to your WHMCS-URL/modules/addons/ folder.
* Active the Module in WHMCS by going to Setup->Addon Modules in your WHMCS Admin area, find Automatic Server Selection System module and click activate.
* Next, click configure next to Automatic Server Selection System and grant access to the administrator groups that should have access to the admin area interface.
* Enter in your valid license key and click save changes.

Assigning using a Server ID

** In the WHCMS Admin area, first setup a new Configurable Options group and configurable options. * Setup->Products/Services->Configurable Options * Create a New Group or you can use an existing group. * This group can be called anything you would like, for example you can call it Server Locations. Be sure to select all the products you would like to use these locations with. * Add New Configurable Option. * Enter a name for Option Name, for this example we will use Location. * Select Dropdown for Option Type. * Add your first Data Center/Server/Server Location in the Options filed with the following format: * server-id|Location Name. e.g. 1|USA * Add next location by same procedure. You can change the server id at anytime or add additional options at anytime and it will only apply to new orders. You can find the server id's for each server by going to Setup->Product/Services->Servers. Click the edit server link and then look for the id= statement in your url. That is the server id. ** The last step is to activate the server assignments, this is done by going to Addons->Automatic Server Selection System * Select the Package this should apply to, next select the new configurable option that was just created, and choose ServerID for the Select Server By option. * Follow this same procedure to active all packages that you would like to assign by the new configurable option you just created.

N.B. If you change WHMCS-URL/server/IP then you need to reissue the license. You can do it easily by yourself from client area.

Need more help please contact support.
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