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I activated CloudFlare, but do not see any statistics

There are two main reasons why this would happen.
1. No traffic to subdomain
• CloudFlare is enabled for a subdomain that does not get traffic. Through the hosting providers, CloudFlare can only
protect traffic going to certain subdomains, specifically CNAMEs. If your traffic all goes to an A record like your root
domain,, rather than, then even if you’ve enabled CloudFlare, the traffic is not
passing through our network.
• To resolve this issue, you can setup a redirect in your .htaccess file from the root domain to the ‘www’ subdomain. You
will want to make sure the cloud is orange for the ‘www’ subdomain.
2. CloudFlare not turned on for subdomain
• You have not turned CloudFlare on for the subdomain. CloudFlare ‘on’ is indicated by an orange cloud, rather than gray
cloud. You want to toggle the cloud to orange in your control panel next to the subdomain.
• You can easily test for #1 and #2 by running the following command in Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (PC):
• dig
• You want to see an output with “” attached to it. If there is no ““ attached to the
output, then traffic is not flowing through CloudFlare’s network.

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